Tuesday, March 24, 2009

poprally: no one does it like you

best indie rock and art mash-up: no one does it like you. marcel dzama designed costumes and produced the new department of eagles' music video. it was a reverie of a battle between civil war soldiers versus ballet terrorists and singing ghosts. yup, it was wacky but interesting. i was most psyched to finally see the man behind the art, marcel dzama. he looked like this (right side pic and eric gets credit for shooting). he, along with the choreographer, producer and other visual effects dudes, did a q & a. patrick daughters also was in convo via satelitte from la la land. he was a riot with random one liners.

from there daniel and fred hit the stag
e for 4 song set. i got under minute of "nobody does it like you". i was bad about clearing out my camera before tonight's festivities.

also, i saw sondre lerche AGAIN at a department of eagles gig. i was 99% sure it was him and my fellow concert goers (mike and saki) agreed with me. i got a not so good semi-stealth picture of him drinking a free grolsch beer (i had 3). it's too bad to post, so i'm not. i also decided to pick the same row he was sitting in only sat on the other end. i respect his privacy and all.

lastly, attendees were bestowed this lovely poster to the left. psssst bill, i swiped an extra for ya.

past poprally revisited: sigur ros. at the last poprally i attended, i had the pleasure of seeing the icelandic quartet. yesterday a new take away show shot by my fav vincent moon was posted to la blogotheque. enjoy because i sure did. all frenchy with the best post-concert exit to date.

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