Monday, May 26, 2008

san fran love - UPDATED w/ pics

top 5 san fran/bay area loves over 2 days:

5.) amoeba! i miss the ultimate record store. i sold some stuff as i usually do and got some new tunes. love it! i miss the rows and rows of music. too bad i couldn't find lucinda black bear or labrador 100. i forgot about good ol' haight with it's loitering youth carrying knapsacks. ahh kezar stadium, where you get validated parking for an hour from amoeba. the city high school track meet was going on. also, passed by my old yoga studio.

4.) in n' out. yup, i made my brother come and pick me up during my two hour layover at sfo to get me some double double animal style goodness.

3.) shopping with my bestest friend and getting great deals at j crew. yay for final sales! we didn't make the golden gate bridge, but shopping is a good alternative. la taqueria was the perfect shopping fuel.

2.) lazy home time on sunday. dim sum with the rents for a belated mother's day and early birthday. old school hs chat time in my childhood room with stace and sue. haircut with stylist extraordinaire liana. yoga session tips for my bro.

1.) welcome home to your favorite brooklynite at john collins or the unofficial belated launch party for thanks to all that came out on saturday. you really know how to welcome a hometown gal. thanks karim for the pics! look at our loverily mugs.

thanks to andy and katie for hyping the blog.

welcome jess to the blog goodness!


Melanie said...

sorry i couldn't make the party of the year! we were stuck in redwood city, making last-minute preparations for the wedding of the year. but i kept wondering, "is shar dancing on the tables yet?"

Jacquelyn said...

you're forgetting the ultimate #1 SF love: mel and jac lugging your stuff back to nyc!! a pile awaits at my place...

sharock said...

yes, that is true lugging j crew goods, cds and wonderfalls. much love ot the sun twins.

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