Friday, September 29, 2017

10 years!

i've always heard once you hit 10 years of living in new york you truly were an official new yorker. it's funny to read my 5 year post because i was so sure i was moving back to california. funny how 5 years flies and things change. 

i finally gave in and got a smart phone. i still struggle with this decision as i can see how the little computer in my hand has definitely changed my behavior in a negative way. i have to constantly remind myself less screen time, more real time. instagram has become my greatest vice.

i decided to volunteer at the whitney to maintain a consistent relationship with art. it's been amazing to go behind the scenes and was one of the first in when the then new meatpacking location opened.

i got a dream job at bam! working at an internationally renowned performing arts center affords a plethora of cultural delights - theater, music, dance, film and visual arts. what's not to love? i did have to say goodbye to annual trips to london, which i'm still getting withdrawal pangs from in the summer and winters. i've dropped my conference travel to once a year though.

but i've really set down roots in brooklyn by becoming a property owner. eeps! i never could afford sf or the bay area for that matter but having a place of my own without fear of rising rents provides the stability i need. also, sf just isn't the same as when i departed it a decade ago. i'll always come back to visit as all my ca pals migrate back year after year. will i be the last one standing?

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


this film had me at hello. i'm a self-professed architect's daughter, so this quiet, meditative celluloid piece was just my cup of tea. i'm also a fan of the midwest and now want to go to columbus. director kogonada draws out odes to ozu in the contemplative piece on familial responsibility. john cho speaks in his native korean tongue! haley lu richardson, who i only realized was in split after some light googling, reminded me of linda cardellini (a la lindsay weir in freaks and geeks.) a nice turn for parker posey in a supporting role brings me back to her indie darling shine. lastly, i totally didn't know it was rory culkin in the role of gabe, friend/potential love interest to richardson's lead character until after the credits rolled. the sundance buzz from this little film is deffo valid.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

tallest man on earth at pioneer works

what can i say that hasn't already been said? tallest man on earth delivers every time i've seen him. despite the terrible sight lines of pioneer works, the sound and accompaniment with ymusic soared through the cavernous venue. 

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