Tuesday, September 13, 2016

niners win?

okay, i didn't actually watch this game because it's rough being a west coast fan living on the east coast. 10pm start times are rough. so what i gathered the morning after is that carlos hyde had an amazing monday night and my niner fave of the "old" guard navarro bowman was stellar. panthers are up next, which will be a true test. here's to being a faithful

Sunday, September 4, 2016

bucket lists

i wanna say i've had a running bucket list of things i wanted to do since i've been in new york. i've been here for a while. i am nearing my 9 year anniversary. shocking, i know! i started my list by my second year mostly because a friend was moving back to california and had an x amount of days to tackle them. i thought i should start mine sooner than later so i wouldn't get stuck with a lot of running around in my final days. flash forward almost 9 years and i finally hit up, birdland, which had been on my list from the start.    

the rest of list is a group of destinations outside of nyc proper:

freshkill (i've technically biked near it, but not in it)
long beach
adirondacks, one day i'll bus up there
cape may
delaware water gap, i haven't been tubing i need to rectify that
lake george, was inspired by a georgia o'keffe exhibit i saw
walkway over the hudson

last three were mta getaway suggestions.  when you don't have a car you get creative. 

Friday, August 19, 2016

bicycle diaries

my commute is often on my bike nowadays and it's appropriate i'm reading david byrne's bicycle diaries. it's made me reminisce over the many cities i've biked in. copenhagen. pittsburgh. berlin. london. kyoto. portland. tulum. los angeles. i once saw mr. byrne biking in les and at a st. vincent show. he is inspiring to bike more even when i'm not in New York.

update: just started the buenos aires section and realizing we stayed at the same hotel, bobo.
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