Wednesday, October 12, 2016

believen end

so the even year streak ends. the demons of blown saves in our second half come to haunt us just in time for halloween. it wasa  great wild card game and game 3 wasn't bad either. some fans are asking why they didn't leave matt moore in, but somehow i have a feeling these feisty cubs would have broken through. congrats to them and to my giants thanks for an unbelieve(n)able season. 

Never stopped believen

oh and for kicks the post that forgot from the day before when there was so much hope.
honestly i knocked out when the cubs tied it at the top of the 9th. it was about 1am est. sleeping the torture away to walk up at 4am to see that baby buster (aka joe panik) hit a walk off to secure tonight's game 4. at least the game starts an hour earlier. let's go giants!

Friday, October 7, 2016

auntie shar tour 2016

sweet lil ms. ellie

ms. mikayla, my niece, takes after me

miles j. chiu = super rad

adrian and i match

sleepy aster 

charlie drew giving me his best "how ya doin'"

Thursday, October 6, 2016

i'm not a jinx

photo: Al Bello/Getty Images
in a previous post i mentioned i might be jinxing the wild card game by changing my viewing locale. turns out watching orange october in my hometown doesn't effect the outcome when mad bum is on the mound. off to chicago we go.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

luke's fail

twas not a happy 16th anniversary of gilmore girls for me. i arrived at luke's (palio cafe) to a modest line, but by 10am the free coffee was gone and only 2 luke's doughnuts left. i was underwhelmed by the decor. for some reason i thought it'd be more than signs, luke's aprons and a few backwards hats. ah well there's still new episodes on black friday!

thanks leah for meeting me in line in between dreamforce sessions

texting outside in disappointment. also as
gilmore fans know, no cell phones in luke's

Monday, October 3, 2016


here we go and i'm probably jinxing this already, but it is an even year. we are building some momentum into the wildcard sweeping our arch rivals, the dodgers. we are (again) the underdog and we travel to citifield to face my adopted team, the mets. it's a rare time that i'll be in sf for a playoff game. i've only experienced playoff baseball in london or brooklyn, so i hope my location won't ruin any mojo. let the torture begin.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

hsb 16

it's been almost a decade since i've attended hardly strictly bluegrass. ester and I went when there were only three stages. the crowds were so small that we could be up front for gillian welch. now the festival has ballooned to 7 stages, but remained entirely free. thanks warren hellman! virginia was with me for day one as well and her first time at the festival brought revelations i hadn't noticed before. there are no sponsorship signs. everyone is just laid back. i think the 9 years in ny have drained a lot of that from me. it's good to be reminded of my roots. i really missed drinking in the park without having to look over my shoulder for a cop. no one is crazy drunk or belligerent. everyone is just happy and enjoying great weather (no fog this year) and music.

philly discovery - hop along
 fell in love with the cactus blossoms
as always no HSB is complete without a little gillian and dave rawlings, who covered ryan adams and ended with a cover of the band's "the weight."

Monday, September 26, 2016

avalanches return!?!?!?

omg i was late to the memo but avalanches have a new album. weirdly, this month has been a trip down memory lane covering jenny lewis's 10th anniversary touring for rabbit fur coat and rocky votolato's 10th anniversary of makers. omg and upcoming tour to the states come early 2017. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeexcitement!
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