Monday, November 24, 2014

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

home state goodness

almost 2 weeks in the home state. met the new niece. caught up with friends and family. got in some good art shows. road tripped with my best friend to la. attended hanna and james' wedding. all in all good close out of california for 2014. see ya in the new year. 
the many faces of mikayla
paul wacker at eleanor harwood
homemade pad thai by j (aka hask sf)

jay howell at ffdg

gonna miss this
got upgraded at palihouse santa monica
finally saw urban lights by chris burden

Monday, November 10, 2014

efterklang: the last concert

“It’s nice to remind yourself that things don’t last forever”

Sunday, November 9, 2014

niners win

so that was a doozy. i was able to watch the better half of the game with my mom. glad i didn't have to witness how the niners let the saints almost pull out a victory and keep their crazy win streak in the super dome. got this must win, on to ny giants next. 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

a city full of adult children

having been home for less than 48 hours, i popped down to the city to reunited with old friends in the mission. mode of transport - bart. as i rolled out of the peninsula, i heard a fellow passenger describing sf as "a city full of adult children" in comparison to say new york. really? has sf come to that? back in the spring new york mag published "is san francisco new york?" this made me sad. the sf i grew up in definitely has changed. coming back a handful of times every year, i can see the revolving landscape. it's especially true in the mission where bodegas have given away to bike stores or another coffee spot. heck, i'm no better having drinks at a place called dr teeth and the electric mayhem. i am feeding into this "adult child" description. i mean a bar named after a muppet band. it was a little ridiculous telling folks to meet me there. funnily that bar could have popped up in brooklyn. heck, brooklyn has a dr. who bar. i suppose i'll keep chasing the "old" sf i'm nostalgic for. i ended at my fav burrito spot, the drab but endearing el farolito. i realized as my oldest and dearest friends indulged my late night burrito cravings that sf will change but my friends will not.
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