Sunday, January 25, 2015

nothing's gonna stop us

umm finally saw the skeleton twins on my flight over to london and this is just in-cre-DE-ble. i know totally late on this, but still ahhh-mazing.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

so that happened

37 points in a quarter! 9 for 9 behind the arc. amazing klay thompson! there's no denying you should be joining steph curry in the all start game. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

bogota and beyond

plaza de bolivar
museo de botero - felt like one of these folks
after all the delicious eats in colombia

con amigas nuevas, sophia y diana
laguna de guatavita, home of the legend of el dorado

couldn't help it, had to get a jumping pic in
virgin mary overlooking rock climbers in suesca
mas amigos - diego, sandra y lil yann
at laguna de guatavita, the home of the legend of el dorado

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

cartagena, the muse of gabo

glad i packed my retro padres cap, it was perfecto
as i stepped into the san diego neighborhood. hella old town!
el mar from a top las murallas
ruby rumie at nh galeria
ingelsa de san pedro claver
portal de los dulces (aka where florentino ariza gets bitterly rejected
by his "crowned goddess" fermina daza in love in the time of cholera
behold the pulp fiction ensalada, octapus, pesto, olives, tomato, cheese and onions.
as featured on no reservations. and yes, i ate it all.
plaza de la aduana
deep in mercado bazurto, where the hotel reception questioned
why we wanted to go there. we like going off the beaten path, thanks!
below in castillo de san feilpe de barajas
typical cute street in cartagena
at palacio de inquisicion - that's a cut!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

dichotomy of tayrona and santa marta

from hammock to boutique hotel fashioned as an old style colonial house and enjoy the atmosphere of a real samarian house
unltimate beach - this one is la piscina
the popular san juan cabo
our beach, arrecifes, at sunset
up and onward to pueblito
the indigenous huts at the top weren't
what we were expecting
on the descent there was a nice repel
demonstrated by angela
after a 240m hike, la casa del agua
was a welcome oasis
how civilized! a set table for breakfast

Saturday, January 3, 2015

dive into taganga

playa de taganga - a small fishing village with a smattering of gringos. the food was cheap and delish from arepas to catzuela de mariscos.

camerones con arroz 

annnnd the jugos naturales. this one was moracuya (aka passion fruit).

after our open water dive 3, my fav of the four required for open water diver certification. also the last time i saw my sunnies. 

oh yes, i can't forget this friend who decided to savor my sweet blood mostly from my legs.
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