Monday, January 20, 2020

niners are nfc champs

photo: ezra shaw/getty images

4 touchdowns for raheem mostert was not the typical west coast offense coach walsh taught us, but it's a new era and a familiar trip to the super bowl. we are going in as slight underdogs and it seems a majority of folks are rooting for KC. this faithful is hoping that her fav team can pull out that upset february 2.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

2019 mixtape invitational

my friend-coworker sam puts together an annual collation of top song for the year end.  here was mine from last year. this year's below and the full collection of lists here. i went deep into my 90's r&b feels last year and it's evident in artists that made my mix. only three of my artists (sharon van etten, normani and king princess) made it on other lists. 


Monday, December 30, 2019

niners WIN!

it was a nail-biter, just as their previous monday night match-up with the seahawks. we had a commanding 13-0 lead going into the half, but we faithful know that's certainly not enough against one, russell wilson. hanging by a 26-21 lead with less than 2 minutes left, wilson went to town, BUT failed to get a touchdown with 8 tries. sure there was a questionable PI that was missed and a delay of game penalty, but come on it's unfathomable that the niners were able to make 8 stops in the final minute. it was fitting that a rookie drew greenlaw stopped jacob hollister inches from the goal line. this season has been about our excellent defense and our deep roster. for a rookie to make such a game winning play, BRAVO! 

so we get a bye and hopefully get back jaquiski tartt and dee ford in 2 weeks. we will probably have a rematch with seattle unless the eagles have something to say about that. until then i'll savor a few of these milestones:

13-3 best finish since 2011
5-1 record against the NFC west, not since 2013 have we achieve that
7-1 on the road, best since 1992 
we won in seattle!!! last time was 2011

NFC champs!!!! (first time since 2012)

this team feels special, but i hoping i'm not jinxing it...

Sunday, December 29, 2019

small doses

Small DosesSmall Doses by Amanda Seales
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

i can't recommend this book highly enough, especially heading into a new year. amanda provides sage advice and life lessons wrapped in a cozy blanket of intelligence and humor. just a few affirmations i loved:

* find the joy
* circle of dopeness
* refine the rage

the hustle vs. the grind

attention vs. affection

WWMBFFD? (what would my best friend forever do?)

nice vs. kind

Monday, November 25, 2019

very, very belated - niners win!

Tony Avelar/Associated Press
who am i? i've been a niner fan since i can't remember and i've been slacking on the praise. after a few lackluster years of rebuilding, it's nice to see the boys hard work pay off. 10-1!!! that one defeat came against our bitter rival the seattle seahawks. i admit i watched the game with a seahawks fan. it was a great game and honestly could have swung either way. we were at full strength, which gives me hope for the final game of the season. 

next up baltimore, which just stirs up bad memories of our only loss in the super bowl. i promise to be better about posting about victories. go niners!
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