Monday, March 23, 2015

sxsw lullabies

of course, npr has the best coverage of sxsw and these vignettes, sxsw x lullaby are the bestest. also, super psyched for a new mynabirds album.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

where have my niners gone?

first off, sorry for the radio silence. life, work and travel have consumed me for this first few months of this year. this is a very belated commentary on the end of an era for the niners. at the end of the year, i said goodbye to coach harbaugh.  that was only the beginning to a major shift in niner personnel. news of patrick willis' retirement and then frank gore goes to the colts. yesterday chris borland announced retirement and today we sign reggie bush. not sure what is happening and it's definitely not the team i knew and loved even during the dark years. we faithful are up for more dark days ahead. i'm going to erase this from my head until the fall. i'll stick with some distractions by the warriors (though i'm weary they might be losing a little steam). i hope they prove me wrong tonight with big statement win over the hawks. oh yeah, giants season is revving up.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

auntie tour winter 2015

my visits home have become catching up with my munkin pals. great visits this year and more than 2012. these kids grown up too fast. though not pictured below, i also caught up with my dudes - topher, jonah and finally met darren. 
it's very nice to meet you emmitt
i see you peek-a-boo alexa
behold the best shot i've ever taken of
william the fifth
that's my niece
kyle, you've grown up so fast
#qpdolls - phoebe and quinn
fresh out of the oven, newborn mina
thanks for arriving over two weeks early to meet me
so grown up joss.
sorry i missed your red egg and ginger party.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

belated galentines champagne kisses

sorry gals i was distracted by some nba all star weekend, but here's a belated galentines video from jessie ware, who is going haute art for "champagne kisses." maw!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

congrats steph!

Photo by: LA Times
13 threes in a row to close out the win. sorry steph for no being in town while you lit it up in my backyard. see you back at barclay in march. 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

commencement speaker for hire

"Adore" 2015 39" x 39"  - Collection of @wisdomtalker

I'm working on a commencement address for the class of 2016, interested  Ivy League Universities and Community Colleges get in touch:
If you're graduating today with an arts degree, today is your first day of business and you have made your first bad business decision of your professional life. Congratulations. Being an artist requires that you make hundreds of bad business decisions throughout your career, student loan debt is great jump on your competitors. If you are graduating with no debt, you're already lagging in the race to greatness, so go get a beer and start buying records. Now assuming everybody here has experience with making bad business decisions, I'm gonna tell you why bad business is the best art of all. 
Bad business means saying no when they ask you to change your style.  Bad business is not selling out the work you did with the community for commercials. Bad business is not taking the money when you don't care how it turns out. Bad business is not making the excuse that everybody does it. Bad business is not compromising a little bit. 
And if you get a good business opportunity take it, but make it bad business and make it good art. Good business is designing a sneaker for Nike. Bad business is making that sneaker out of clear plastic and covering it with art about wasting money on sneakers. Good business is designing an ice bucket forAbsolut and covering it with art about my love of alcohol. I love alcohol. I love it. Good business is fake cool. Bad business is real cool. Be real cool.

When I was your age I had spray paint and an alias, so i wrote "life is short and art is long" on a wall.  I'll do it again today. Try me. Not only is it more true than ever, but Im true as ever. So make a name and art something you can live with, if you do it right its going to live a lot longer than you. Make a name that your friends are happy to hear, your foes angry to see, and the kids in 2099 are writing in laser paint.
"I Owe You Everything" is a beautiful 24" x 24" print in an edition of 50 on 334g Coventry rag, the cost is $275 plus shipping, email us with your location and we will send you over an invoice. 

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