Sunday, June 16, 2019


photo: sports illustrated
2019 nba finals have come to an end and alas the dubs did not get that 3 peat, but the right team won so congrats raptors. they beat us with fierce defense and clutch shots. 

i'm still VERY proud of the warriors with the tragic losses of kd and klay late into the series. we played like warriors despite being heavily handicapped. no one outside of california and nevada felt bad for us because we were an embarrassment of riches. we were lucky not to have major injuries for the past 4 years and that's how the cookie crumbles some times. i do really think steph's heart broke when klay went down and he never fully recovered in game 6. even if we did force a game 7, we would have been heavily out matched. it would have been nice to get a final win at roaracle, but the boys gave literally all they had.  so as look to the 2019-2020 season, i'm hopeful klay will stay a warrior forever with his fellow splash brother steph. as for kd, all eyes point to him coming east. i'm hopeful for the nets. kd will always be a warrior an dub nation will always be grateful.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

late to the party - the oa

photo: netflix
you know when that friend recommends a tv series and you just think you just don't have time. this is what happened to me with the oa. i'd been recommended the first season a few years back with the "if you liked lost, you might like..." 

it came back up on my radar when a coworker mentioned he easily binged the second season. i dove into the wonderfully mind-boggling series on a rainy day late in march. it's cray and so wacky, but it's carefully crafted relationships are the heart of the series. i've always admired the talent of show runner, lead brit marling. i'd seen another earth, the east and arbitrage. gurl sure knows how to spin a tale and act in it. 

after seeing sharon van etten in concert, that was my catalyst to finally dig into the second season. so many things that tugged on my love for my hometown of san francisco. oakland native zendaya! 16th avenue tiled steps. treasure island! sure, there's some over the top stuff, but it's still the characters stories that drive my love. oh, also to top off more reasons to love this series - andrew haigh directs two episodes albeit not in sf. (haigh directed another home town show, looking, which i loved).  so now we await a season three hopefully.

photo: nicola goode, netflix

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