Wednesday, July 9, 2008

fleet foxes @bowery ballroom

foxiest live fivesome: fleet foxes. swoon! robin and gang are the furriest and foxiest!!! just before they took the stage i commented to my fellow fleet fox band-aids (jac, mel and mike) that i luuurve their harmonies and BAM - first song was "sun giant". i fancy skye who is the only non-vocalist of the band, jac fancies casey on keys and mel is a robin fan though she was first taken by casey. not sure who mike fancied. i think he had a man crush on all of them.

i would say that they are definitely one of those bands that are absolutely effing ahhhhmazing live. robin was still sick (like he was at dc's black cat) and coughing left and right, but still sounded good though his voice sounded like it wouldn't be able to hold up to the end, but it did. there's always something miraculous when a crowd comes to a quiet hush to focus intently on one voice. a voice that transcends the emptiest spaces into our lil indie hearts. they play two shows at union hall tomorrow. they recently added the midnight show, and ticket on sale tomorrow at noon. i'm tempted to go since it's walking distance from my apartment, but too bad i have to get up at the crack of dawn to take a bus to boston. i'll be listening uber closely to hear my foxy melodies lull me to beddy bye.

best unique live music experience:
black cab sessions. mike told me about them. i love love love it. some of my favs have played here (ie. bon iver, lykke li, st. vincent, dcfc) here is one robin of fleet foxes. it takes some time to load so please be patient. he looks healthy, no?

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Jacquelyn said...

just found this interview with the keyboardist, casey wescott:
(weird that i thought he looked like casey affleck, no?)

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