Wednesday, August 20, 2008

the cutest: shawn johnson

belated olympics shout out: shawn johnson. oh my golly, she is the cutest thing EVER. shar hearts this pint sized daredevil with a smile. i was sad to see her only get the silver in the all around, but she got the gold she was dreaming of on the beam. i've always admired the petite gymnasts, like brandi johnson, kim zmeskal, dominique moceanu and carly patterson. i was never a huge cheerer for the shannon miller. have you seen that claritin commercial with her in it? she looks crazy different.

congrats to shawn! she's a gracious competitor and loved that despite missing golds in the all around and the floor she was super happy for the winners. that's a gold medal for sportsmanship. i hope to see her in the 2012 london games, where she will win that all around gold she so deserves.

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