Thursday, October 23, 2008

mirah @ highline

belated (by 6 years) show: mirah @ highline. i've wanted to see mirah forevah but she doesn't tour a whole lot and i was always in the wrong place when she was in my
hometown. no one wanted to come out because they were conserving energy for other cmj shows. losers! mirah didn't hit my fav album you think it's like this but really it's like this. no "sweepstakes prize" or my all time fav "la familia". she did play "look up!" and "jerusalem" from c'mon miracle. anyhoot, still a great show. i forgot my camera but this dude took some pics.

missed friend: adam. i went to the show alone - my first in nyc. i later found out my buddy adam was there too. golly gee! this happened another time in sf when i went to a turin brakes show at gamh and months later found out my pal kristin was there. it's kooky how that happens and really it shouldn't because friends shouldn't let friends concert alone.


kristin farr said...

ha! was hoping you'd mention that Turin Brakes show since it happened to you again! The show would've been much better together. Did I ever tell you I grabbed the set list from that show? I should send it to you. ahhh... memories. Miss ya GIRL!

sharock said...

miss ya too! you know i had to mention it!!! i'll be in bay soon and you can show me then. i have a lil something somethang for ya too.

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