Sunday, November 30, 2008


best investment: figure skates. i got these prolly over 5 years ago when i fufilled my childhood dream of taking ice skating lessons. i've been using these skates ever since, and i'm SO glad i shipped these when i moved to the east coast. i really need to sharpen these puppies. anyone know a good place where i can get this done?

best deal: the pond at bryant park. nothing beats free (with your own skates)! i hit this spot a hand full of times last year, and am determined to skate here once a week before it gets too crowded with holiday revelers.

must trek to a rink: lasker rink. this is way up at 110th street, but worth coming to avoid the more popular wollman in the southern part of central park. thanks mike for the tip and skating on one the coldest weekends. also, thanks for taking lame pics of me attempting to do tricks.

p.s. that's NOT me spinning, rather my landing on a half ass wally jump. i forgot how to execute one. :( this was me feeling it out to no avail.

most roomy rink: wollman at prospect park. i hit my local rink with saki, jen, susan, holly, sue, kimberly and young yesterday. it's about the size of the pond and lasker combined. they also play indie rock (of montreal and the shins) intermixed with oldies. it's also relatively cheap at $5 admission if you got skates.


milo said...

"thanks for taking lame pics"? harrumph! i posted one on my flickr, hope you don't mind:

i had fun, sorry i didn't stay longer. i don't have your stamina. now i want to check out the prospect park rink. let me know if you go again.

ps. Bon Iver!!!

milo said...

oops. flickr:

sharock said...

yup that's fine. justin vernon here we come!

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