Friday, December 26, 2008

dichotomy of holiday releases

second rate sin city: the spirit. it's no sin city but you'll enjoy the visual spectacle you come to expect from a frank miller flick. gabriel macht isn't bad eye candy either. this noiresque graphic novel complete with a femme fatale named sand saref (aka eva mendes) falls short on plot and overall character complexities. still glad i saw it. i can get enough of the black and white scheme peppered with color.

best heart wrenching tour de force: revolutionary road. i have been highly anticipating this adaption after hearing that it be an onscreen reunion for kate and leo. i did my homework and read the richard yates novel. it was raw and utterly depressing, but there was something remarkably truthful in it as well. so this meaty material translated brilliantly onscreen by sam mendes (aka mr. winslet). you know a film is good when you come out numb and in need of something to jolt you back into reality. the film was a roller coaster of hope and tragedy elegantly acted by both leads. i felt tugged, emotionally battered and mentally in a fetal position. i'm still in recovery. i can say seeing it on screen, outside the pages of the novel, hit me harder. the film made it achingly more real. i need a hug or a stiff drink.

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