Sunday, January 11, 2009

golden globes glee and grumbles

reasons to grumble:

  • wassup with asking every freakin' star of the dark knight about heath ledger?
  • tom cruise get your hands of my man leo. don't taint him with your scientology.
  • neil patrick harris in the most miscellaneous category - best supporting actor by an actor in a supporting role in a series, mini-series or motion picture made for television. wtf? this is like three categories in one. seriously? SERIOUSLY?!?!?
  • colin farrell winning best supporting for in bruges.
  • more grumbles here.

reasons to be gleeful:

  • good job colin farrel for putting in the subtle ref to your "former" struggles with every drug imaginable.
  • emma thompson providing support to sally hawkins during her acceptance speech. hurrah!
  • congrats to heath ledger and thank you christopher nolan for the genunine acceptance.
  • awww kate calls leo her best friend. i wish i were kate. congrats on your double win. i hope they FINALLY give you your oscar.
  • bravo ricky gervais for your monologue/presentation. good one on kate winning for playing a role in the holocaust.
  • shahrukh khan presenting slumdog millionaire.

1 comment:

Melanie said...

omg!! *runs off to look for an SRK youtube clip*

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