Sunday, January 25, 2009

lenka @ soiled dove underground

best name for a venue: the soiled dove underground. yeah, nuff said there. even lenka agreed that it was probably the best name for a venue that she would be playing at. she is uber cute and very shar, as jac puts it.  she's prolly best known for her single "the story," which was featured on an old navy commercial.  she also was plugged on that doctor soap drama, grey's anatomy, but sadly that horrible monologue kills her song.

she had the crowd singing "i want me my money back."  though she didn't want it to be in reference to her performance.  she went through all the songs on her self-titled first album.  i was uber glad she did her cover of modest mouse's "gravity rides everything".  

the decorations on stage were super whimsical with an outdoorsy pals feel. owl and little foxes on the keyboards.  I don't know if you can tell but "lenka" was inflated in shiny balloons behind her.  i was fortunate to sit next to some friendly locals.  i find denver to be a VERY friendly city. everywhere i went, whether the santa fe art district or a small lil venue east of downtown, people were introducing themselves to me and happy to chit chat. it was refreshing.

1 comment:

jac said...

wow you got really close! she's soooo cute.. i'm glad you liked the show!

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