Wednesday, January 21, 2009

why lost is the best show evah

reason why lost is the best show ever: it's not heroes. both shows tamper with time fluxes - past, present and future. lost, however, does a far superior job using the play of time in telling the overall story with show mythology intact. (tim goodman of the sf chronicle does a great description of season 5). also, the acting is so much better, leaps and bounds. okay, i haven't been watching heroes since early this season and i still haven't forgiven them for making me sit through season two to get ready for villains. so i welcome my island buddies back into my church i call tv.

best quote: "maybe if you ate more comfort food, you wouldn't go around shooting people". - hurley
(in reference to sayid's hitman stint)

must dvr rewinds: is it just me or was old sun dr. shin's wife in the opening sequence with the dharma taping? and who is that ol' lady giving the 70 hours deadline? is that faraday's mom? where is jill the butcher from? was she an other? thoughts lost fans? so many old losties back again. i can't keep track of them all after all these years.

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