Sunday, February 22, 2009


must drink: simpler times from trader joe's. in my household, we are classy so we break out the natty ice/pbr equivalent from tj's. note to self: don't buy this again, however it is the puuurfect beverage to provide snide commentary while watching the oscar's.

most played out rivalry: jen versus brad and angelina. really putting her a few feet away while presenting? i guess she came out showing them that she wasn't afraid of confrontation. dude, the media needs a new story and leave this trio alone.

bit that's not funny: ben stiller. he is rarely ever funny to me and his beard bit proves my point.

bit that was funny: pineapple express sketch with hottie james franco and slimmer seth rogan. how about bring up janusz kaminski to say "suck it"? now that is funny.

best production: baz luhrmann for musicals are back number. hugh was adorable. funny how they gave the high school musical kids the limelight when mia mamma out grossed titanic in the uk. dominic cooper and amanda seyfriend barely got screen time. sad!

oscar acceptance i wish was given: mali perl

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