Monday, April 27, 2009

tribeca talks with the latin trifecta

most disappointed missed opportunity: latin trifecta at soho apple store. gael garcia bernal, diego luna and carlos cuaron were on hand this after to chat about their new flick, rudi y cursi. the boys team up together again with another cuaron. so i scouted out the venue 2 hours prior to when i anticipated to get there after work. all looked good. no line. no crowd. ahhh, but what 120 minutes does play. i got there and the second floor was closed off. ahhh well, i stayed a bit to hear the convo over the store's speakers. the boys were in good cheer with "hola, hola!" greetings. they also talked about how futbol (aka soccar) had not made it over to the states referencing american ineptitude to landon donovan.

tomorrow kenneth is giving a talk there. here are the dets:

Beyond the Reel: Explorations in Media

In an age where you can watch a blockbuster on YouTube and a rooftop can become a movie theater—the way that we view films and filmmaking will never be the same again. The internet has transformed how people watch and interact with moving images, while galleries and new venues for video art have created the chance for multi-screen projections. By bringing together four very different but extremely exciting artists who are expanding the definition of “filmmaker”—this interactive event will give students the opportunity to meet with artists like acclaimed hip-hop video blogger Jay Smooth, video/ game artist Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung and mashup masters Wreck & Salvage. Join us for this experimental evening as we explore spliced archival footage, vlogging, film installation, and video games.

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