Sunday, May 24, 2009

terminator vs. star trek

battle of the film franchises: terminator salvation versus star trek. okay i watched terminator last night to round off my may blockbusters. i was reeling from how great star trek was two weeks ago, so the comparison of the two films had to be made.

terminator salvation
star power: christian bale (and his infamous meltdown on set), helena bonham carter, bryce dallas howard, common
special cameo: arnold schwartznegger

featured director: mcg
visual effects: ilm

star trek
star power: eric bana, chris pine, zachary quinto, john cho, zoe saldana, simon pegg
special cameo: leonard nimoy, winona ryder
featured director: j.j. abrams
visual effects: ilm

star power: terminator salvation
special cameo: star trek
featured director: star trek
visual effects: tie

overall: star trek. i must say star trek wins leaps and bounds. mainly because unlike terminator, star trek had a cohesive storyline. terminator was a lot a special effects, but little attention to the plot. what's funny is i just noticed that anton yelchin is in both flick, with prominent roles of chekov and kyle reese. so boldly go where no one has gone before and i will not be back for terminator 5.


Stacey Harris said...

I still think you should have called the blog "shar treks to see star trek" :)

sharock said...

lol totally

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