Tuesday, June 23, 2009

little joy @ bowery ballroom

best warm up to summer: little joy at bowery ballroom. this was a long anticipated concert as shar had missed out on their gig in the fall. so i ran out to get tickets when they hit the box office. saki and hanna were in tow though there will be folks that will be disappointed they didn't get tickets before it sold out. leading up to their performance we had to deal with annoying people busting in front of us. i had to throw out a "are you fucking serious?" to get a couple to move back to their respect spots BEHIND me.
rodrigo was immensely engaging and i forgot fab wasn't in tow for the tour. he even shook his tush during "don't watch me dancing". adorable!
binki 's rendition of "unattainable" was what i was looking most forward to. i got a vid, but i have to upload and hope to update and post here soon.

but the night's highlight by far was when fab and regina spektor took the stage for the final tune, "brand new start". little joy provided support for regina at the beacon last wednesday, so a pleasant pay back.

fab caping rodrigo his leather jacket a la james brown action. love it!

setlist (including covers of mamas and papas' "midnight voyage" and gil gilberto's "procssao". also new song, "with strangers"

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