Tuesday, August 4, 2009

robin thicke at wingate field

best way to get in the mood: robin thicke at wingate field. robin was in town to play the martin luther king jr. concert series. this was an anthropological adventure as vanessa and i were literally the minority. wingate field is HUGE. probably four times the size of summerstage and the place was packed! sorry no pics because of concert rules.

jazmine sullivan started off the show. shar didn't know much about her, but did vaguely recall her cotton commerical. the same series as the one that zooey did. then, mr. thicke hit the stage jumping straight into "magic". here is the setlist as much as shar can remember:

complicated (one of my favs)
teach u a lesson
dreamland (which he said he wrote just before obama got elected)
all night long (opened with deep sighs = ladies swooning)
the sweetest love
you're my baby
can you believe
lost without u
come & talk to me (jodeci cover, which inspired him to be a singer. good choice robin!)
rock with you (mj tribute)
let's stay together (al green cover goodness)

1 comment:

Vanessa C. said...

good times good times. glad i went. love it when folks are just feelin the music like the dudes in front of us haha.

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