Sunday, October 25, 2009

bfc: red hook

mini bicycle fun club excursion: red hook. this destination was just a hop, skip and a jump away. funny shar was thinking of an ikea trip just yesterday, but all the rain deterred it. the sunshine was out, and we had the largest turnout for a bfc.

mike - check
eric - check
jen - check
richard (bfc first timer) - check
shar - check

i was all over this trek. first stop, steve's key lime pie. in my brief residence living in carroll gardens, i attempted to go twice and was denied. not today friends.

eric, richard, mike and jen post-pie

bfc is becoming a food tour on bikes. we hit up the ball fields after pie. i gots me some mexican corn. kids, the red hook food vendors close up trucks for the season november 1. get your papusas and delicious aqua frescas now.


Angelina Fong Designs said...


KeylimeSteve said...

From the looks of the image, I think you enjoyed your visit to our bakery, thanks for the mention.

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