Thursday, October 29, 2009

an education

must school girl fantasy fix: an education. shar's been anticipating watching this effort from lone scherfig and finally got the opportunity last evening. a much more richly set film versus the dogma style italian for beginners.

carey mulligan shines as jenny. in a role that is already earning her oscar buzz, she's a bright student excelling her way to oxford. enter the charming and older david (aka peter sarsgaard), who opens her eyes to the luxuries of art and travel. she's whisked away by cigarettes, champagne, fashion, music, art, and not to mention paris. i was particularly taken by her gown to the right. loved it!

the cast of alfred molina (perfect as the over bearing dad), olivia williams (as english schoolmarm), dominic cooper (as cad #2), rosamund pike (as ditzy counter to the "clever" jenny) and emma thompson (as stern headmistress) are an excellent ensemble. the film rounds out with a perfectly pitched soundtrack that sets the 60's in it's place beginning with floyd kramer's bouncy opening keys. swoony french from juliette greco and my fav brenda lee. the adaptation was penned by one nick hornby and i'm sure he had a hand in this ultimate 60's era mixtape. go see it!

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