Wednesday, November 11, 2009

fantastic mr. fox at apple soho store

fantastic foursome: wes + meryl + jason + peter = fantastic. shar's a celluloid geek, so you could not stop her for heading to the apple soho store. the majority of the crowd was there to see multi-academy award winning meryl, but i was there for wes. hearing about what inspired him and the process of tackling a stop motion film was a unique opportunity. the furry stars of the film were present as well.

the hour panel discussion with q&a was filled with insightful and touching moments like when a young tike asked wes how to improve his own homemade stop motion film. ahhhh-dor-hable! or when jason chimed in on a question directed to wes about how he infuses his personality into his films. jason was called out as an egomaniac by peter travers, so it was especially chuckle worthy. how about a revelation that bill murray served as a stand in for a wolf. it was a memorable evening. needless to say i cannot wait to see this film.

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