Sunday, November 29, 2009

great cate

must live oscar winner performance: cate blanchett in a street car named desire at bam. shar got these tickets months ago and sure glad she did. the run at bam harvey goes until december 20, but tickets to the general public are sold out. it pays to get tickets early. angela and i got the last pair of cushion seat which are literally padded mats with backs on the stage. it's the closest you can get to great cate.

she was luminous. you know way back when they used to compare complexions to alabaster? well i'd like to resurface this description for cate. she is the fairest of them all. her portrayal of the famed blanche dubois was perfect pitched. it can be easy to overdo the already emotionally meaty role of the whithering southern belle, but leave it to a true chameleon of an actress to balance narcissism and vulnerability. joel edgerton also does a good job matching cate's blanche with his beefy performance as stanley kowalski. the performance was well deserving of the four ovations it received tonight.

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