Sunday, December 6, 2009

fever ray at hmv forum

much belated transatlantic concert: fever ray at hmv forum. shar's scoured the listings everytime she's been in london for a show. shows, shar and london go hand in hand, but never the right timing until last night. what a show to be the first. there was fog and incense to set the mood. there were lasers. there were tasseled lamps beating in synchronized unision to fever ray's beats. there was karin andersson.
wow, oh wow! michelle, rich, kristen, ben and hayden were all in tow for this extravaganza. some knife fans, some fever ray fans, and one who knew nothing about the artist. all in all, we all enjoyed the production and the tunes.
the band was always absconded in the darkness with only temporary rhythmic pulses of the lamps and the illuminating netting of lasers. shar was expecting quite the production and she was thoroughly satisfied. the perfect first london concert.

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