Sunday, December 27, 2009

freaks and geeks

best vacation mass viewing: freaks and geeks - the complete series. shar loves shows that inevitably get cancelled (i.e mscl, cupid, arrested development, wonderfalls, veronica mars). i never watched the entire series, so finally hunkered down and did it. funny that i'm back home in the town i grew up in and watching a protrayal of high school. i ask myself was i a freak or a geek. i think i fell in the middle, but not as brave as lindsay weir. it's funny because james franco (aka daniel desario) went to a high school only a few towns down. a friend of mine actually knew him at palo alto high and said he was pretty quiet back then. not the freak he was on the show. if you haven't seen the series, i highly recommend viewing all 18 epidsodes.

1 comment:

Virginia said...

I love this show! My favorite is Jason Segel- he plays such a layered character- this horny teenager who thinks he's this nice genuine guy, but really is just a typical horny teenager.

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