Friday, January 22, 2010

dawn landes at mercury lounge

belated solo debut: dawn landes at mercury lounge. shar's admired dawn since hearing her on daytrotter. she had me at her rendition of "tous les garcons et les filles". she played it tonight, and i must say the french has improved.

dawn came with hay in tow, but merc wouldn't let her scatter around the floor to create the right ambiance for her latest album sweet heart rodeo. it didn't stop her from having a proper hoedown. she rollicked in with tunes from the album, starting with "wandering eye" and "rodeo". all good stuff. she had lots of friends join in, even birthday gal erin who hula hooped.

anne joins in
she had some troubles with her electric guitar and asked if we believed in electricity. we did! it worked. no more feedback. dawn was a gem and so glad to see her in her own element. i'd only seen her previously providing backup to one thomas bartlett (aka doveman). p.s. you might meet a special usher at his kitchen gig on march 18.

notable tunes played to shar's best recollection:
wandering eye
sweet heart rodeo
tous les garcons et les filles
straight lines
love songs (margo guryan cover)
working girls
dance area
young girl
kids in a play

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