Tuesday, January 5, 2010

sf reserves

thanks sf bay. shar's all stocked for a new year in brooklyn and new york.

dogs played with: 3 - thumps, nala (below), tekka

babies held: 3.5 = zach, jeru, ashlyn (below) and 2 tbn

eatries/waterholes visited (in no particular order): el farolito (al pastor super rito below), in n out, range, nann n curry, osha, sweet basil, humphry slocombe ice cream (sorry bi-rite), irish bank, fat wong's, out the door, casanova, florida street cafe, triptych, golden boy pizza, ritual coffee roasters, higuma

hoods visited: nob hill, north beach, soma, potrero hills, diamond heights, dolores park, south park, chinatown, union square, glen park, mission, russian hill, castraight, tendernob, inner/outer sunset, outer richmond, embarcadero

best random holiday activity: putting together a wolves puzzle with iris. dude, count 'em. five wolves!

approximated miles driven: 153

hugs distributed: too many to count. great seeing all you folks and see you soon. come out to nyc.

1 comment:

jac said...

wow i think you ate out more times in SF than you do in nyc for 2 months! we went to irish bank too! did you get to pho garden?

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