Tuesday, June 1, 2010

beach house at heaven

best prom inspired gig: beach house at heaven. vic and alex were in fine form barreling through their latest album teen dream and sprinkling in some oldies from devotion. check out the prom like decorations in the background. casey dienel of white hinterland had previously commented on the foiled geometrical shapes hanging from the rafters. she soon realized that the brits don't have prom.

so friends this was beach house's 13th gig in london. i was happy to be part of the momentous occasion. missed ya mel and virginia! teresa was in tow to experience the dream poppy goodness. captured a new song, but can't seem to upload it. i'll figure it out friends. it really is quite the tune. also, i missed out on capturing casey covering j.t's "my love". i don't think the brits recognized because i was the kooky yank in the crowd rocking out.

they ain't no "walk in the park"

alex was uber mop toppy, honing in some beatles swagger
this was right after victoria head banged her luscious locks to "zebra"


Melanie said...

yay!! nice pics. wish i could've been there. can't wait to see your vid!!

Virginia said...

Awwww man I'm jealous, I've heard they're amazing live!

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