Sunday, June 13, 2010

us v. uk

best way to get beat up: cheer for the usa on enemy ground. shar admits that our goal was due to an error by one goaltender. she doesn't hold back on celebration and had to stand on her bench when dempsey scored. i got called a yanky prick but a gentleman in a pink dress shirt. despite that gentleman, i did earn lots of praise from my neighboring brits, who enjoying my bravado amongst a bar full of england fans. here are some happy pics from the evening.

pregame indoors at the tup with jenny, craig and miyon
t drinking my guiness
that's t's man
we didn't have stars and stripes, but we did have mta cards


jac said...

whoa teresa with a hot dog AND a guinness? uk has really changed her :)

which one is worse? a point off the goalie's hands, or heading one into your own net??

Andy Joe said...
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Andy Joe said...

i don't think PDS (pink dress shirt) knew who he was messing with. Nobody stands by her teams like sharock!

Angelina said...

Can you please not get beat up by angry drunk brits? okay, thanks! Awww you got to watch the game with Craig and Miyon!! Man I can't wait to come hang out with you guys!

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