Wednesday, July 21, 2010


shar's hazy from my stint in morocco. here are some sights. i'm sure angela will post more dets.
hassan II mosque, casablanca

this mosque is high tech, with heated floors, hidden speakers and retractable roof.

casablanca's market
chefchaouen dyes
blue corridaors of chefchaouen
local watering hole. got me intoa mean water fight with a lil gal. she was cute, but fierce.
restaurant where we had a lovely tagine
vibrant thread in chefchaouen
evening in chefchaouen
the gorge in akchour
homemade tangine at the b&b we stayed at
deep in the fez medina

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yumesoba said...

Ok, I was already uber-jealous that you were in malmo (henning mankell/kurt wallander) and copenhagen, but this makes me over the top jealous that you're in Morocco.

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