Thursday, August 26, 2010

the walkmen at o2 academy islington

must band in islington: walkmen at o2 academy islington. shar's admired the walkmen from afar, unlike other bands i heart so much it hurts. npr reminded me of their greatness posting their sxsw set and their new song "stranded". the walkmen are lumped in the schmorgesborg of ny bands and often gets lost in that grouping, but they produce ahmazing tunes, so i got my butt down to my local venue for the live experience.

shar was quite taken by the live instrumentation highlighted by the upright piano. the walkmen compose tracks
that i wanna waltz to, as well as bop and shuffle along with. boy, oh boy, does hamilton have a set of pipes on him. he sure can hold a key. sure there was a big reunion of a certain brit band across town at the forum, but the walkmen made me forget that this was going on.

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