Monday, September 6, 2010

lykke li in studio

Hello fellow Indigo's.
I have been to the desert and back, I almost got hit by a bus in London, I tried surfing in Bordeira, I ate bad sushi in Berlin, I got drunk in Paris, I got severe blisters on my feet both in Lisbon and Madrid. I swam naked in the Swedish archipelago, I lost my voice in Gothenburg, I ate risotto in Milan, I fell off my bike in Stockholm. A psychic told me I will grow very old, a man told me I looked like Heidi Fleiss, my brother is in love, my sister is in New York, my drummer told me I'm bad of appreciating moments of grandness.

I am also hard at work in the studio.

My mind is occupied, my heart is healing, my voice in progress.
I C A N N O T W A I T U N T I L I A M D O N E W I T H M Y R E C O R D.
Sooooooon sooooooooon soooooooon sooooooooon sooooooooooooon.

And you better be ready, ya heard me? Learn the lyrics so we can all sing along when I'm back on the road. I'm yearning for you all!

HERE are some inside pics of me in the studio clinching my soul.
Some exciting news to come later this week... Stay tuned.


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