Thursday, September 2, 2010

stars at heaven

most appropriate venue: stars at heaven. umm, that pretty much says it all. shar couldn't resist seeing one of her loved bands at the fittingly-named heaven. torq was in fine form throwing out the dedications left and right. one of my favs was "i don't want your body" to the recently reunited take that. amy was dancing up a storm.
stars has great range from shameless dancy synth dandies to melancholy ballads. this doesn't change with their latest "the five ghosts". the montreal gang showcased such new tunes as "fixed", "the passenger", "i died so i could haunt you" and "how much more". they didn't forget the good oldies, like "take me to the riot", "the night starts here" and "one more night". also, i'm pretty sure they played "on peak hill" based on this post on their forum for "YOUR own Stars setlist!":
August 23, 2010
9 days ago
by narlm
RE: YOUR own Stars setlist!
ON PEAK HILL. It's my favorite Stars song. Please play it in London at the Heaven show! Please please please. :)

last song of the set, which was not a surprise, was "your ex-lover is dead". amy and torq's intertwining vocal were the perfect melody for bedtime. that wasn't it though. they came back for a lovely encore singing "dead hearts" and "umbrellas". torq offerred the latter for those heading back on the bus. he said the tune reminded him of bus rides to camden when the sun sets. shar couldn't agree more.

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