Thursday, December 23, 2010

chairlift at knitting factory

kinda worth the wait gig: chairlift at knitting factory. i'd been meaning to check out this brooklyn (via colorado) band that has garnered a bit of notoriety with their ipod commercial. so when i heard they were putting on a free gig, i hoofed my bootie to billyburg. the opener, acrylics, didn't hit the stage until close to 10. i was in for a long one.

when caroline and company finally hit their first key. i was pleasantly lulled in by "evident utensil". one can't help but bounce from side to side. the gang unleashed several new tunes from their upcoming album, like "saigon safari" and "met before". no encore, but they did play the ipod song, "bruises". i was a bit disappointed in the rendition because caroline sang all the lyrics, and i missed the boy-girl duet that made me take a fancy to the tune.

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