Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the fighter

must film to make you believe in persistence: the fighter. shar is a sucker for sports movies. so when i saw the trailer for the fighter, i was sold. christian bale completes another chameleon performance as the troubled dicky eklund. mark wahlberg looks at home in his native massachusetts, playing one of his heroes micky (no "e") ward. he chatted about the project on 60 minutes last month. but above and beyond i loved amy adams as charlene fleming. i think it was the fact that my name, despite the faux pas of a "c" instead of a "s", was referred to as "that charlene from the baaaah" and "a mtv girl". she was feisty and wasn't afraid to take on a pack of crazy irish sisters. that's my kinda gal. all in all the cast brings together a great story of one remarkable sports figure. get ready for a KO.

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