Monday, February 28, 2011

oscars boredom

wow, what a yawnfest! the only thing keeping me up was the drinking game jenni and i established. i drank to jennifer lawerence and mark ruffalo. jenni to javier bardem and cate blanchett. thanks to jenni's awesome oscar cake i had sugar coarsing through my veins.

red carpet was booooooring, except for cate's avante garde gown. no showstoppers except the aforementioned. all the favorites won in the major categories, and saddest of all francaway was a bust. too much anne and not enough james. i think his school commitments had kept him away from really getting into the hosting role. i was hoping for some judd apatow gold. heck busy phillips was michelle williams date, so some freaks and geeks reunion action would have been sweet. can i get a daniel and kim luvin?

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