Saturday, March 12, 2011

nybg: the orchid show on broadway

best much belated visit: new york botanical gardens. holy cannoli, shar's been meaning to visit the botanical gardens since she moved to ny. it's been on my to ny do list for years and i finally got my arse up to the bronx to view the latest "the orchid show on broadway". i really wish my mom was closer since she's the one who got me into the extraordinary flower. i didn't even come close to denting the grounds, as i only hit the conservatory and the mertz library. i'll be back. oh yes, i'll be back.

the orchids were amazing and the exhibits that were designed by broadway's finest were show stopping. reminds me a little of macy's flower shows growing up. so many orchids, i might have been a little overloaded by the end of it. from there i hit the mertz library for the hirschfeld's broadway scrapbook. i had a drawing of his up on my bulletin board growing up of audrey in her role as holly golightly, so i was excited more of al's stuff and it was a hoot from his illustrations of my fair lady to hairspray.

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