Wednesday, March 2, 2011

tennis at bowery ballroom

best ready for spring concert: tennis at bowery ballroom. i missed them back in december at mercury lounge, and i wasn't going to let another opportunity slip. i first fell in love with tennis when i was plugged into daytrotter. their 60's do wop sound immediately won me over. npr featured the couple back in january as well, so you know these kids are legit.

i couldn't help but sway to every tune from my fav "pigeon" (a song alaina says is about patrick) to "long boat pass" (a sad song that sounds happy). alaina told the crowd what a pleasure it was to play the bowery, a place where she and patrick would see their favorite bands. they have only been a band for 8 months and bam sold out at bowery. they play the bell house tomorrow with holiday shores and la sera (vivian girls' katy goodman's side project). important note: katy covered the shirelles' "dedicated to the one i love".

la sera, joined by alaina to left

patrick groovin' and katy in the wings

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