Saturday, May 14, 2011

james blake at lpr

highly anticipated live performance: james blake at le poisson rouge. the wunderkind that has the music blogosphere a buzz was well worth the lines and delayed set time. shar rolled up to lpr with brit pal jenny in tow. the gents in front of us in line already caught a sighting of david bryne and ms. annie clark (aka st. vincent) walk by. drats, that i missed the sighting.

once in, i knew when i saw the short tight dressed ladies in the corner of the bar that this night would be a doozy. nevertheless, active child opened the night was a lovely set that grooved out the crowd. then, there was the wait. and more waiting i was ready for it since lpr tends to hit off late. almost at the 1am mark, james hit the stage and apologized for the delay. little talking between songs but plenty of thank you's. i was bothered by all the chatter through out the set. it threw off my mood and my experience. boy can sang and his talent backs up the buzz. hope to get some vids up shortly, but afraid the extra background chatter might have ruined james's sweet vocals. better pics at bv.

set list decoded

give me my month
tep and the logic
i never learnt to share
to care (like you)
limit to your love
wilhelm scream
e_ t_ (new song)

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