Sunday, June 19, 2011

midnight in paris

slightly over-hyped flick: midnight in paris. first off i'm not saying i didn't like, i just didn't like it as much i thought i would. i heard rumblings of likeness to purple rose for cairo, and the opening sequence was a throw back to manhattan in a francophile's lens. both aforementioned films are my favs of woody's. overall it was fine and the references to writers and artists of the past was playful, but it was lacking a je nai se pas. the opening lingered a bit too long for me though i love the postcard snapshots of everyday parisian life and how the different times in the day really emphasized the city of lights.

i am not a francophile, unlike some of my friends, but i do appreciate the inspiration that the city produces. midnight in paris wasn't a great work, but a good one at best. my pal young, who is a woody fan like myself, hated it. i can't go that far. i was entertained though it made me miss his classics. fyi brooklyn kids, manhattan opens the brooklyn bridge park movies with a view on july 7. that is woody at his best.

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