Sunday, June 12, 2011

super gr8

best throwback to spielberg: super 8. omg this satisfied my summer blockbuster craving. it was et meets goonies and ending with close encounters. the kid leads of joel courtney (joe) and elle fanning (alice) were the second coming of henry thomas (elliot) and drew barrymore (gertie). also it was 80's-tastic with some "my sharona" and deborah harry sing along. loves it!

the alien in this round was a la cloverfield, which you can see the jj abrams spin on it all. what jj does best is draw out the broken family elements onto the emotional stage. it's clear with all his tv series - felicity, alias and lost. daddy issues anyone?

fun notes: joel courtney was born in monterey. yay area pride! also, it was killing me to know where the film was shot. friends, it twas west virginia.

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