Wednesday, November 2, 2011

feisty bam

best all inclusive set: feist at bam.  i haven't forked over duckets in a while for a show, so this was kinda a treat for myself way up in the balcony of bam.  its been 4 years since i'd seen the songstress and that was back in sf.  leslie played the bulk of her new album "metals".  

funnily, a few folks in the front row began to take pics during feist's rendition of "graveyard".  as ushers swarmed, leslie playfully inserted the lyrics "i really don't if they take pictures of me".  feist was the hostess with the mostest this evening. she invited a gent with a skeleton painted on his face to join her on stage and dance to "my moon my man".  she encouraged the crowd to get up to the stage so friends way back in the orchestra section got a fast pass to the front.  

i was hoping grizzly bear would make an appearance, but got mountain man as backup singers instead.  they did lend nicely with harmonies and sweet sways.  feist managed to not play hits  "1234" or "the limit to your love".  she did encore with "sea lion woman", and invited everyone to the stage to sing along.  she fittingly end with "let it die".  a perfect "storytime" setting and happy ending.

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