Saturday, November 12, 2011

glass house

must daughter of an architect excursion: the philip johnson glass house. ahhhmazing and well belated.  it was two and half years ago when my pal saki (now in japan) and i decided to get our then design student pal vanessa a trip to the famed glass house for her birthday.  i finally got around to honoring the gift post-graduation.

an hour train away from new york city and you are dropped into the posh town of new canaan.  our very knowledgeable tour guide expounded on johnson's architectural intentions from the location of buildings to his personal life with david whitney.  he liked circles and rectangles. he was pals with andy warhol and frank stella.  he wasn't much of a cook, but he loved parties. my pictures don't do it justice, but my pal catherine did a good job documenting in her visit. seriously go and visit yourself if you have a chance.  it's highly recommended.  

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