Monday, January 9, 2012

return to downton

best season two opener: downton abbey.  a long awaited return, but well worth the wait.  (warning: some spoliers if you haven't been keeping up) it's two years since we've left the granthams and their dedicated staff. last time world war one just broke and mary had refused matthew.  it's two years later and many of the men are overseas.  the women are finding new roles to fill.  my favorite part was the first meeting and the look from mary to matthew.  ahh the anticipation.  lavinia seems sweet enough, but really?  i love how edith and sybil have come into their own. o'brien and thomas are as devilish and conniving as ever. shar can't wait for the how season two develops (nudge, nudge yoon).  

p.s. that's my actual character rankings above.

1 comment:

yumesoba said...

How fun!

My rankings are very similar to yours except I still hate Edith, so she is nearly as low ranked as the deplorable "Mrs." Bates.

My favorite tweet about the program from Patton Oswalt:
Mary's sad eyes at the train station are every Belle & Sebastian album at once. #DowntonPBS

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