Wednesday, February 22, 2012

prima donna

must listen: prima donna.  rufus wainwright's original opera had its us debut on sunday afternoon, but i saw it last night with v and rachel. we were perched in the balcony but had a good view of the ms. prima donna, soprano melody moore (pictured right with rufus).  she was aiight, i was more wowed by rebecca bottone who played marie.  i loved her opening song after the top of the second act, "paris is not picardie".  her voice was fresh and spritely, unlike ms. moore, which i guess could have been more for her washed up soprano character.  in any case, what a feat to have written an opera.  it's full of all the layer baroque tones you come to know rufus for. only two more shows at bam, tomorrow and saturday if you wanna get on this rufus opera train.

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