Monday, April 30, 2012

hanni el khatib @ knitting factory

best skater soundtrack: hanni el khatib. i've been looking forward to seeing hanni live since seeing his la blogotheque session. boy is crazy talented, helming huf as its creative director, and finds time to belt out rock ditties.  the crowd was less than sold out, but his fans were faithful, especially one gent front and center.  loved when he mentioned he was from la and a fan yelled go lakers, but hanni booooed.  another yelled, "warriors!' and he cheered.  that's right kids, bay area is at hanni's core.  :)  hanni wasn't much for chatting except to introduce his band and contemplate sunday night.  this one was an uber geek and yelled "game of thrones" when he ask what was on that evening. it's true hanni all the kids are watching the starks in bated breath. anyhoot, here's hanni rockin one my favs "dead wrong".


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