Sunday, June 10, 2012

an evening with anthony bourdain

much belated live appear -ance: an evening with anthony bourdain at bam. i've long been an admirer of tony from "kitchen confidential" to the layover. the evening began with eric ripert posing as tony clad in a leather jacket which he tossed into the crowd. friends, this truly is a culinary bromance if i ever saw one. armed with slides and clips from no reservations, tony went through a colorful commentary on the foodie world.  that's him chiding the cooking of paula dean above. he went on the talk about the behind the scenes of no reservations productions. he followed up the presentation with a q & a, where the questions ranged from when is the layover coming to toronto, taiwan, madagascar, etc to advice to culinary graduates. the evening ended with an enduring story of his daughter devouring a lobster after referencing sebastian from the little mermaid. like father like daughter.

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