Tuesday, November 6, 2012

shar dreams of sushi

kappabashi - plastic food anyone?
mound of foam on a rainy day at tsukiji market

freshest tuna i will ever have
tokyo dome
yomiuri giants won their championship, just like the sf giants. woot!
with my fellow beer lover yuko at the yebisu brewery
cutest designs at shibuya hikarie
chicken sashimi
saki about to crack into our croquette

miso stew which we later added ramen to

we heart hachikō


jac said...

Oh man chicken sashimi?? Hope it was good :p

And hiiii saki & anthony!

Shar, hope your flight doesn't get delayed bc of this freak snowstorm over here!

sharock said...

chicken sashimi was delish. checked in and hoping to come home.

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