Sunday, December 30, 2012

les miz

must belated viewing: les miserables. i had heard the early mixed reviews from friends and les miz enthusiast but i had to watch it for myself. heck, i was counting down the days with the vulture's advent calendar. so yes russell crowe does not sing the javert role as his broadway predecessors. he has been getting lots of flack. sure us die hard miserables love some baritone goodness, but we have to remember this is film not the stage. hugh jackman is good as the tortured lead valjean and gives his all. he said the training was harder than playing wolverine. anne hathaway breathes new light to "i dreamed a dream," as a truly down in her luck ballad. the truly lovely treat was colm wilkinson as the bishop. (thanks jac for cluing me in.)  wilkinson was valjean in the 10th anniversary cast, which for me is what i grew up on. in conclusion, i liked tom hooper's adaption but it made me long to watch the 10th anniversary again.

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