Tuesday, December 24, 2013

perfect farewell to the stick - niners win!

everyone was nostalgic last night. as if niners fans haven't been tortured enough we were close to losing our final game at candlestick until navarro bowman came up with a pick six. he'd just let an onside kick go by him only to have it recovered by the falcons in niner territory. we were looking at a loss or some overtime, but the stick provided a little magic last night. check out the thing of beauty above. 

coach harbaugh said, "that's the best thing I've ever seen happen in a football game." and on his birthday nonetheless. he said it was the best birthday present, second to being born. 

okay boys, no rest for the weary. let's focus and get ready to close out the regular season against the red hot cards sunday and get that final win.

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