Tuesday, July 1, 2014

much ado for shakespeare in the park

so i've tried for every year to get tickets to shakespeare in the park. i was the 7th person in line last year when the last voucher was given away at joe's pub. i'd heard of friends winning the vitual lottery, but i've only become familiar with:

Hello –
Thank you for signing up for the Virtual Ticketing Lottery for Free Shakespeare in the Park. Unfortunately, you have not been selected to receive tickets to tonight’s performance. We encourage you to try again for a future performance.
Thank you,
Your friends at The Public Theater

this was six years of trying friends. to end my misery, my roommate camped out sunday morning for the ridiculous ticket distribution line. she kindly graced me with a ticket after hearing me harp about my rejection over and over again the year before. needless to say the performance was everything i'd waited for. much ado is close to my heart as i grew up on the kenneth branagh version, where his then partner emma thompson was the beatrice to his benedict. i even was in a production in high school. i was dogberry. "o that i had been writ down an ass!" it's recently been back in my mind since watching the modern take that joss whedon released last year. lily rabe and hamish linklater were fabulous as the witty pair spitting the best lines of any shakespearean couple. bonus, game of thrones's oberyn as the villan don john. i was constantly picturing his viciously eye bursting death in GoT ever time he came on. so finally one of my major nyc bucket list items has been checked.

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