Monday, September 29, 2014

niners win (finally)

so that was nerve wracking, but we got a win behind some decent defense and frank gore shown in yesterday's game.

after the first half, i had drafted the following. i didn't post it because the faithful in me still held out hope that the niners could finally score in the second half. thankfully they did, but i still think everything i wrote in the first half still rings true, so here it is:

maybe shar's a greedy gal, but my faith has waivered with my niners. i have to remember all the rough years with jeff gracia and alex smith. when notions of playoffs and super bowls were far fetched. shar has been spoiled the past few years with playoff births and a trip to the super bowl (albeit our first loss there.) we have an athletic, "superstar" quarterback in kaep but has he been overhyped? it's looking like it but i'm hoping he proves me wrong. what has always been the heart of the team has been the defense but in these first four games they have looked lackluster with key players hurt or suspended. and coach harbaugh, who i've compared to coach taylor of fnl, has let his emotions overshadow clear discipline. he lost me a bit after he built up alex smith's confidence only to replace him with kaep. i guess that happened to matt saracen on fnl too. clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose... niners need to work on the first two because whose got it better than us? it's looking like somebody and not nobody

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