Sunday, September 21, 2014

run 10 feed 10 redux

year two that i've run the run 10 feed 10 race on the west side highway. i've let the running slide and really only bring myself to be regimental with it when i sign up for a race.  so i signed up for the 10 for 10 with less than a month until race day. i was a little weary with a short training period, but gave myself the goal to run under an hour. check! i wanted to be faster than last year, but i don't remember my time. friends that donated last year, does anyone have the thank you email i sent with my time mentioned?

UPDATE: thanks jac. my time last year was 57:01 with a pace of 9:11/mile. i was faster this year.
on my way to the start line, stumbled up on this faile
piece plastered on the side of the famed birdland

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